The biggest gathering of innovative community-focused people passionate about making a real different to the lives of fellow islanders…

About this Event

In partnership with the Government of Jersey and Heath & Community Services we are delighted to invite you to Thrive ’19, an event like no other where social issues will be discussed and the smartest minds will come together to develop strategies for change. If you are passionate about Jersey and have a desire to be part of this change then we want to welcome you to Thrive ’19.

Thrive Jersey has already captured the imagination of many for its fresh thinking to tackling Jersey’s increasingly low mood – less are thriving and more are simply surviving and we aim to reverse this trend by reshaping how we work together – government, civil service, corporates and community all on the same page, looking at negative social issues and finding real solutions.

To do this, we need to be like no other organisation – we need the smartest thinkers, the most passionate community firestarters who can see a problem, inspire an army, find the solution and make it happen. Great work is already happening but it’s too disparate and thinking is still in silos – we need to work smarter, not harder and Thrive will lead the way.

We’ve done a lot of the hard work, meeting key influencers from every sector, gaining unanimous support and creating a real buzz of excitement from all quarters. Our strategy is ‘smarter not harder’ and to this end we have aligned to the United Nation’s Global Goals initiative, where every nation has signed up to a common measurement of seventeen discrete areas from which ambitious but achievable targets can be set and achieved. Click on the link below to see more about us.

About Thrive Jersey

The morning workshops will focus on some key issues that affect us all – suicide, addiction and effective communications – delegates will choose one workshop only. The afternoon will cover other issues, hear about inspirational ideas and global projects which could, with the right people on board, help to solve problems and make our community thrive once again.